Hordes.io Alpha 13

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WASD to move around
Mouse to rotate and select targets
1-4 use skills on target
F1 for more commands

Level up your skills when you have enough gold. (Hover your mouse over the icons on the bottom side.)

Defeat players of the other horde to earn fame and steal 20% of their gold.

Kill monsters to level up and earn gold.

Hordes.io is in early alpha.

Alpha 13 October 22, 2016

  • Increased Golden King's defense by 30%
  • Increased Golden Knight's defense by 20%
  • Holding LMB & RMB at the same time will now make you move forward
  • Changed camera behavior to allow the player to see whats behind them
    • LMB rotates the camera around the character
    • RMB rotates the character
  • Fixed a bug causing grass size to scale with player size
  • Improved on teleportation bugs
  • Fixed /respawn use during combat
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